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Video Tutorials


If you are new to PPOLcalcs our video tutorials are a great way to get started. They are best watched in the order they are listed, and it is recommended that you watch all of the videos before attempting to write a report for the first time.

Even as a regular user you may wish to refer to certain video tutorials from time to time to enhance your understanding and ensure you get the most from the PPOL solution.

My Info explains how to set up your company details
PPOLcalcs Getting Started explains how to get started
Download Illustration to Word explains how to download your report
Create Duplicate Scenario explains how to create a duplicate of a scenario
Simple Cashflow Demo explains how to create a simple cashflow model
Cashflow Basics Tab explains how to use the Basics Tab correctly
Cashflow Incomes Tab explains how to use the Incomes Tab correctly
Cashflow Investments Tab explains how to use the Investments Tab correctly
Cashflow Loans Tab explains how to use the Loans Tab correctly
Report Template Editor explains how to make permanent edits to your report template

Click on a link above to view a video in a new browser tab - and there click full screen (at bottom right)

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  • My Info

  • PPOLcalcs Getting Started

  • Download Illustration to Word

  • Create Duplicate Scenario

  • Simple Cashflow Demo

  • Cashflow - Basics Tab

  • Cashflow Incomes Tab

  • Cashflow Investments Tab

  • Cashflow Loans Tab

  • Report Template Editor